About Jill

Welcome! I’m glad you found me. If after reviewing my website, you’d like to schedule a brief consultation, you are welcome to do so at no cost. (You never know if there is a fit until you speak with – and often meet face to face with a potential therapist.) I would welcome a conversation to see if I can be helpful to you at this time.

A little more about me…In addition to being a licensed psychotherapist, I am a foster and adoptive mom, happily married to my husband for 18 years (together 22).

My orientation for working with people is warm, supportive and holistic. I believe we must tend to our whole selves (physical, mental, spiritual) as we strive to gain health, happiness, balance, love and/or peace.

I use a trauma-informed approach and various tools and strategies to work with adults and teens. I also teach classes on several of my areas of specialization at the Center for Health and Wellbeing in Winter Park. These include:

Anxiety, Stress and Mood Disorders

Depression and Loss

Boundaries – Healthy boundaries help build a healthier, happier YOU and healthier relationships

“Re-author Your Life” – Use journaling and memoir-style writing to re-write your next (healthier, happier) chapter

Work and Career – Discover your calling; Tools for rapport and relationship-building; Self reflection for success; mapping your moves for big changes and risk-taking.

Life transitions – Divorce, relationship challenges, retirement, re-entering the workforce, going back to school or making a BIG career switch

Adoption, Fertility, Fostering – Finding Love and Happiness in “Different” Families

I use cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT); Person-Centered and narrative therapy. I also draw from brief solution-focused therapy, positive psychology, mindfulness, movement therapy, Narrative Therapy and NLP (neuro-linguistic programming).

I would be honored to walk beside you on your journey to heal, grow, overcome and resolve past hurts and find happiness and wholeness.

“The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek.”  –  Joseph Campbell

If you’re reading this and wondering, “Can I ever feel whole or happy again?”, I believe the answer is YES. You can.  The bravery, resiliency and success I’ve seen with other clients (and the data on counseling) help me know that healing is possible. It takes hard work, but we all have the capacity, strength and wisdom to overcome our obstacles. And I believe counseling helps with and often speeds the process.

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