Take a Dose of Nature to Reduce Stress

Do you notice that you just feel better on days like this? The weather started in the low 60’s, with low humidity and a brilliant, cloudless blue sky. Ahhh.

Well there is actually science behind that.  We’re all drawn to nature and feel happier, according to many studies, when we see trees, water, birds and sky.

Similarly, an unpleasant environment, such as noisy traffic, planes overhead, jackhammers and construction (think I-4 and seemingly endless new apartment complexes being built), can stress us out.

Today, on Earth Day, it’s good to pause and remember that we are actually animals who were designed to sleep under the stars and live outdoors. Our stress and immune systems weren’t designed for this 24-7, warp-speed digital age. We need down time, nature and quiet, to recover and recharge.

Even a short walk outside on your lunch hour can help.  And, interestingly, even placing a plant in your office or home can help calm anxiety. There is research from hospitals and offices that demonstrate this impact. (Getting outside is especially helpful to calm children and their mounting stress.)

So, to celebrate Earth Day today and all days, consider a walk outdoors, a bike ride on a trail, or time in your yard to watch and listen to the birds. At a minimum, consider adding a live plant to your living or work space and remember to stop and BREATHE.

For more about the healing affects of nature exposure, click here.

Laughter is good stress medicine too.  Check out this award-winning brief video below. 


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