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Healthy Boundaries – Free Class Sept. 27th

Join me for a FREE one-hour session where I’ll share specific strategies and tactics to cultivate and install healthy boundaries. The in-person session is hosted by The Center for Health and Wellbeing on Tuesday September 27 from 11:30 am – 12:30 pm. The Center is located at

How to Know When to Say No

There was probably a time you welcomed invitations to do things, go places, serve on boards or volunteer. But life has become, what’s the word…NUTTY! None of us are looking for one more thing to do. Most are trying to figure out how to do less and how to say NO! Next time you’re asked […]

Take a Day of “I’m OKAY”

I love Orange Appeal Magazine because every issue offers a visual feast plus inspiring stories of local women, beautiful layouts and information about our community. I’m thrilled to contribute and hope you’ll  enjoy my piece this month and be reminded…You’re OK just as you are. Enjoy! Orange Appeal on p. 28.   Take a Day […]

Home (Relationship) Improvement

Knowing your partner well, accepting and forgiving their shortcomings and being able to laugh at their (or our) frustrating traits are all important aspects for growing and maintaining successful, happy relationships.

Hello? Are You There?

Did you know that at any given moment, there’s a 50% chance you (and I) are not really “here”. That is, we may have drifted off mentally, our attention getting hijacked by thoughts that are tied to stress, perceptions of threat or our lousy mood, “the kryptonite” for our attention, according to neuroscientist and assoc. professor Amishi Jha.

Ally or Accomplice? A Thought-Provoking Distinction

As a white counselor, I have long considered myself an ally of those historically marginalized in our culture – especially Black, Latino, Gay, etc., but this excerpt from author DeRay Mckesson, made me stop and consider the difference between an ally and an accomplice. As I strive to do and be better, I hope you […]

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