Write Your Way to Wellbeing – Free Class March 7, 2024 – Noon – 1 pm

The therapeutic benefits of journaling are well-documented. I know this first-hand as I’ve worked on a memoir for several years. The longer I’ve written about difficult past events, the more compassion I’ve developed for everyone involved. And the less energy or sting these past events have for me. I’m human after all – all therapists are. We work on our old stuff too. Boy do we!

This one-hour class is offered courtesy of the Center for Health and Wellbeing at their beautiful facility in Winter Park. Bring a notebook and a pen and an open mind ready to learn and explore helpful strategies for your life. You needn’t be a “good writer” or a writer at all – just someone interested in generating new insights and possibilities going forward.

I love this quote: “I don’t know what I think till I read what I’ve written.” – Various versions are often attributed to Flannery O’ Connor, Stephen King and William Faulkner.

Join me and Write Your Way to Wellbeing. Click the link to register and learn more.

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