Increase Self-Compassion and Decrease Negative Self-Talk – FREE Workshop Mar. 22

Join me for a free one-hour class on Wed. Mar. 22 from 6-7 pm to explore a topic that benefits all of us – and is gaining greater acceptance – because it works. There is abundant research to show that people who are more self-compassionate have greater health, better relationships and more resilience to life’s stressors. This is not simply using positive affirmations or pollyanna thinking, in part it is learning to relate to and treat ourselves as kindly as we would a good friend.
I’ll share evidence-based strategies to help you combat negative chatter and unhelpful self-criticism. You’ll learn ways to catch and curb harmful self-talk and faulty cognitive distortions such as  “catastrophizing”, fortune-telling, overgeneralization, and all or nothing thinking, etc. You will leave the class equipped with information you can begin using immediately.

And, if you haven’t had a chance to visit the beautiful Center for Health and Wellbeing, you’re in for a treat. The serene setting offers free, easy parking and an on-site cafe if you wish to get a smoothie or a snack before class starts (food and drink welcome in the class too). I look forward to seeing you and hopefully to helping you on your journey toward greater wellbeing.

The workshop is hosted by the Winter Park Health Foundation. Click here to register

Participants are encouraged to bring a notebook or journal for notes. A handout will also be provided.

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