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Strategies for Managing Stress During Unprecedented Times

Growing up, I dreamed of being a ballerina, a marine biologist, a globe-trotting anthropologist, but never about being a middle-school teacher. But we all awoke last week, and presto, we are teachers (as well as therapists, bankers, architects, nurses, artists, caregivers…). With or without school-aged kids, these are incredibly stressful times for Americans, many of […]


Joy to the World (and more joy for you too)! Ways to Reduce Holiday Stress

Are you among the 88% of Americans who find the holidays stressful instead of blissful? If you’re female, the answer is more likely to be yes.  After all, women do most of the shopping, decorating, cooking, baking, party-planning and memory-making for our families. And honestly, wasn’t your schedule already jam-packed before the holidays? The answer […]

Take a Dose of Nature to Reduce Stress

Do you notice that you just feel better on days like this? The weather started in the low 60’s, with low humidity and a brilliant, cloudless blue sky. Ahhh. Well there is actually science behind that.  We’re all drawn to nature and feel happier, according to many studies, when we see trees, water, birds and […]

Say Yes to Unexpected Moments of Happiness

In honor of International Happiness Day, I’m sharing this story about one of the happiest moments of my life. I was running in my neighborhood on a summer morning years ago and the temperature was already in the high 80’s and super humid. I was icky, sticky and sweaty (stay with me, this detail matters). […]

Aging with Grace – Helping Elders Feel Loved, Valued and Connected

I had the unique good fortune of being adopted and raised by maternal grandparents who got me as a baby when they were both in their early 50s. Despite their advanced age, they were awesome parents and my friends loved hanging out at our house all throughout my school years. In elementary school, my mom, who […]

Extreme Times Call for Extreme Self-Care

Do you want to cry – or scream right about now? I sure do. Pittsburgh. Package bombs. Hate, blaming, mind games and hateful political ads 24/7. The news was already too much – and then, another mass shooting. In a place of worship. What has happened to our country? I’ve been around a lot of […]

Me Too – One in Three

“STOP!!” I demanded, repeatedly as I wrestled a man much bigger than me. He would not stop… Has this ever happened to you? If you are female and live in the United States, chances are you’ve experienced something similar, or worse. Statistics show that: 1 in 3 women and 1 in 6 men experience some […]

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