How prophetic is this Italian proverb as COVID 19 wreaks havoc in Italy, across the globe and in our community too? The house most certainly is on fire, so we may as well warm ourselves. I saw people doing just that on my four-mile run/walk through Winter Park. Kids were roller skating, playing hopscotch, riding […]

Are you among the 88% of Americans who find the holidays stressful instead of blissful? If you’re female, the answer is more likely to be yes.  After all, women do most of the shopping, decorating, cooking, baking, party-planning and memory-making for our families. And honestly, wasn’t your schedule already jam-packed before the holidays? The answer […]

Do you notice that you just feel better on days like this? The weather started in the low 60’s, with low humidity and a brilliant, cloudless blue sky. Ahhh. Well there is actually science behind that.  We’re all drawn to nature and feel happier, according to many studies, when we see trees, water, birds and […]

In honor of International Happiness Day, I’m sharing this story about one of the happiest moments of my life. I was running in my neighborhood on a summer morning years ago and the temperature was already in the high 80’s and super humid. I was icky, sticky and sweaty (stay with me, this detail matters). […]

As a mental health professional and the former executive director of a healthy community initiative, I’ve long recognized the nexus between mental and physical well-being. It’s extremely difficult to have one without the other. I am absolutely not saying that depression, trauma or the loss of a loved one can magically be healed with a […]

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