Raise your hand if you’ve ever stayed too long. Ahhh. Most hands just went up. Mine included. If we’re being honest, most of us have lingered in a bad relationship or toxic job when we knew it was time to go. Like that frog in boiling water, we notice it’s getting warmer, even hot, but […]

It took me several career iterations to get on my right life’s path – becoming a mental health counselor.  But for as long as I can recall, I’ve felt “a calling” to be in a helping profession. How long?  Since I was 13 years old. Recently I ran across a page from a football program […]

My father died the morning of my wedding. It happened almost one year after my mother had died, on a cool December morning. The fact that his death followed a long illness and a quick and steep decline, didn’t make it much easier.  A little, but it was still my dad and he wouldn’t be “giving […]

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